Issue: 2014


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Partam Manalai , M.D.



This is again the time of the year that we publish the articles received throughout the year. This year, like last year, we have more diverse articles from diverse group of contributor. Thus far, we are still considering articles from authors at any levels to promote the culture of producing evidence based medical literature in Afghanistan especially in psychiatry. It is generally perceived that one need substantial resources to publish. This may be true in most part, but there are measure than can be taken that do not require large financial supports and still contribute to expansion of medical literature in Afghanistan. Case reports are examples of such studies. We encourage our readers to submit their articles. Similar to what we have been doing in our previous editions, we accept articles after the editor review them for appropriateness for publication on this site. We have welcomed all types of literary contributions including Power Point Presentations (PPP). In this issue, once again we will publish PPP by some of our contributors.
I would also like to thank Dr. Azizi for taking the leadership role. I hope with his leadership, the journal will florish and achieve its goal of becoming a venue for psychiatric research in Afghanistan
I appreciate your interest in the articles presented in this issue. I encourage you to submit your scholarly activities to our journal.
Partam Manalai, MD
Editor, JAPA



  JAPA About News and Events Education Membership Advisors