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Thank you for your interest. We appreciate your time and value your membership. Please join us NOW!!!

Please do not hesitate to share your concerns, constructive criticism, and suggestions. Our main goal is to have some psychiatric literature for Afghan Mental Health professionals; therefore, we seek your literary contributions. Moreover, please do participate in the development of the APA. If you have some free time to devout to developing a branch that might provide our mental healthcare providers with some useful tools and information, please take the initiative and begin developing your ideas. You will have the full support of our staff and members.

For information contact
Partam Manalai, M.D.

(partam.manalai@afghanpsych.org or partam05@yahoo.com)

Ayan Ghairatmal, M.D.

Hafizullah Ajmal Azizi, M.D.

Gul G. Manalai, M.D.

We thank you for your interest and looking forward to hearing from you

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JAPA About News and Events Education Membership Advisors